Friday, August 13, 2010

I Am

I am that hardened dust which made that rock
I am that rock
I am the splintered fibers which made the tree
I am the tree
I am the wetness of the water which made that river
I am that river
and I am the plates beneath the earth which made that mountain
I am that mountain

I am the invisible force which guides your breath
I am your breath
I am the shining color which illuminates your eye
I am your eye
I am the gifted eloquence which stirs your voice
I am your voice
and I am the inflamed passion which ignites your soul
I am your soul

I belong to the miracle of light radiated by the Sun
yet, I am the Sun
I belong to the sombre glow cast forth by the Moon
yet, I am the Moon
I belong to the heavenly azul delineated by Earth's sky
yet, I am the sky
and I belong to the eternal wonder, the firmament of the vast Universe
yet, I am the Universe

I am the father
I am the sinewy, strong shoulders of the father
I am the mother
I am the rich, nurturing milk of the mother
I am the child
I am the laughing, innocent reminder that is the child
I am the family
I am the tranquil, comforting home that is the family

I am the rose
I am the red of the petal which makes the rose
I am that nectar
I am the sugary, sweetness which makes that nectar
I am the bee
I am the black, and the gold, and the wing which makes the bee
I am the eagle
I am the glory, and the pride, and the nobility which makes that eagle

I tell you now that I am the roaring sea!
I am the ebb and flow movement of the tide
I am the awesome destructive power of the wave
within me is the womb of all life
I am the Womb
I am Life

~David McGough

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